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Our Doctors

Ophthalmology Is An Outstanding Medical Specialty, And What About You? In Addition To Accurate Diagnosis, Treatment And Surgery, With Integrated Care. We Are Proud Of Dr. Salem Basaffar With A Selection Of Ophthalmologists In All Ophthalmology Specialties, And A Staff Of Administrators, At The Highest Levels Of Qualification.

Dr. Salem Basaffar

Ophthalmology consultant who specializes in vision correction and surgery for refractive, corneal and cataract.

Dr. Sameera Sabbag

Consultant ophthalmologist, specializing in ophthalmic nerves, retinal treatment, iris cluster, cataract and glaucoma.

Dr. Abdulla Alyafi

Ophthalmology consultant who specializes in ophthalmology, retinal diseases and complications of diabetes.

Dr. Sereen Joharji

Consultant ophthalmologist, specialized in corneal and iris surgeries, vision correction, cataract, laser and radiotherapy, and botox inject

Dr. Abdulaziz Shahata

Consultant ophthalmologist, specializing in vision correction, cataract, retinal laser treatment, pediatric and strabismus eye surgery.

Dr. Osama Badeeb

Consultant ophthalmologist, specializing in glaucoma, strabismus, and laser surgery.

Dr. Mohammed Ramzy

Consultant ophthalmologist, specialized in corneal surgeries, laser vision correction, corrective lenses, cataract and glaucoma surgery, and

Dr. Ehab Ismail

Consultant ophthalmologist specializing in retinal diseases and complications, diabetes complications, laser treatment, and intraocular need

Dr. Kareem Lingawi

Optometrist consultant for myopia treatment - contact lenses.

Dr. Rafah Fairaq

Consultant ophthalmologist, specialized in corneal and cataract surgery, laser vision correction, lens transplantation, and keratoconus trea

Dr. Zainab Abdulrazaq

Certi­ed by the Arab Board of Ophthalmology, Fellow of International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO)

Dr. Ahmad Kamal

Consultant ophthalmologist, pediatric ophthalmologist, and strabismus surgeon, Refractive and cataract surgeon, Retinal laser

Dr.mohammed Al-Harthi

Ophthalmology consultant specialized in oculoplastic surgery and cataract


Ophthalmology consultant cornea , cataract and refractive surgery


Medical retina , laser and injections treatment of Retinopathies

د.فادي حسنين

استشاري طب وجراحة عيون

د.محمود عبيد

أخصائي أول طب وجراحة عيون

د. أسامة العمري

استشاري طب وجراحة العيون تخصص دقيق جراحة وأمراض الشبكية والماء الأبيض وعلاج الشبكية بالليزر والحقن