Surgery and plastic surgery for eyes in Dr.Salem Basfar center

Plastic surgery for eyelid:

Surgery for eyelid is several medical surgeries aimed at improvement general appearance for eyes, that due to decrease blown or sluggish in the result of some disorders or genetic factors, and there are some surgeries in tissues around eyes and not in the eye.

Specialized care in eye nerves in Dr.Salem Basfar center

What is the optic nerve?

An optic nerve is a group of nerve fibers that transfer nerve information from eye to brain when infection occurs the nerve will damage, here in D.Salem Basfar center we have a group of specialist consultants to diagnose and analyze any problem in eyes by periodic examination and best medical treatment.

Test and check up in eyes is important for health balance

Eyes are so precious grace, and it’s important to take care in your eyes healthy, and world health organization recommend to periodic examination for eyes in each two years for children, and in each 5 or 10 years for adult less than 40 years, and this period will reduce for those people who reach up of 40 year.

Care and treatment of keratoconus in Dr.Salem Basfar center

Meaning of keratoconus:

In the beginning, we have to know the meaning of cornea, cornea it’s a clear layer that covers eyes and permits its vision, but when this cornea being weaker than normal, it moves forward in cone ship, that due to poor vision and myopic, and In medical we called this case the keratoconus.

Retina and vitreous in Dr.Salem Basfar center

Means of the retina:

Retina is a sensory layer that line the inner surface of the eyes, thick of retina is less than a book paper, and it includes ten layers that contain several groups of nerve cells, nerve fibers, photoreceptors, and connective tissue, the retina convert light into nerve impulse that conducts into optic nerve to brain, this process was done inside photoreceptors.

Treatment of intraocular pressure and glaucoma in Dr.Salem Basfar center

Meaning of glaucoma:

Glaucoma is a damaging effect the optic nerve (that transmits picture that we saw to the brain). There is a strong relationship between intraocular pressure and glaucoma, which means when the intraocular pressure increase more than the normal level, the damage of the optic nerve will increase too, and this makes a blind spot in the eyes.

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