Treatment of intraocular pressure and glaucoma

Meaning of glaucoma:

Glaucoma is a damaging effect the optic nerve (that transmits picture that we saw to the brain).

There is a strong relationship between intraocular pressure and glaucoma, which means when the intraocular pressure increase more than the normal level, the damage of the optic nerve will increase too, and this makes a blind spot in the eyes.

Why you should make a periodic examination for your eyes, and how this effect prevents glaucoma?

Glaucoma has no symptoms in an early stage of damage and a lot of patient doesn’t observe that until the blind spots begin, and if the patient still without treatment, the eyes will blind completely.

We here in the center of doctor Salem Basfar present advice for all to make a periodic examination for your eyes to start treatment glaucoma in an early stage and protect your eyes from blinding.

Reasons for glaucoma:

The eyes secrete an aqueous humour to outside, but not with tears, and when the level of aqueous humour arises in the eyes, the inflection blocked and the high intraocular pressure leads to damage to the optic nerve.

Types of glaucoma:

  • Chronic open-angle glaucoma:

 is the most popular type of glaucoma, it due to the less efficiency in inflection aqueous humour in older people that increase intraocular pressure gradually, this type happened without pain until the optic nerve has strong damage.

  • Acute close-angle glaucoma: 

 This type creates a full block in inflecting the aqueous humour due to stuck iris in the inflection angle.

  •  Symptoms of acute close-angle glaucoma:

  • Headache.
  • Vomiting.
  • Unclearly sight.
  • See rainbow effect around light sources.

And when appeared one of these symptoms you should come directly to doctor Salem Basaffar center to be treated by an experimental consultative.

  • Chronic Angle-closed glaucoma: 

 This type is hereditary, especially for Asian or African people.

What are the ways of glaucoma diagnosis?

The Doctors in Salem Basfar center prefers early discovered of glaucoma by periodic examination for your eyes, and they present a whole medical analysis to deal with glaucoma by one indolent test can help doctors in:

  • Measuring intraocular pressure.
  • Check up in the inflection angle inside the eyes.
  • Assessment of the presence of damage in the optic nerve.
  • Measuring the field of vision.

In addition to that, the importance and kind of these tests are different according to the patient, and our doctors will describe the best analysis for you sometimes we have to repeat some analysis continuously to observe the damage all time.

The most factors lead to glaucoma, include:

Except for the blood pressure, there is several factors lead to glaucoma, include:

  • Aging.
  • Myopia.
  • Previous injury in eyes.
  • Pre severe anemia.
  • Hereditary history.

After focusing and studying all of these factors, the doctors detect the treatment types or present a percentage of glaucoma, and make a plan for periodic examination.

Medical technology for treat glaucoma:

The treatment must begin in the early stage of damage because in a late-stage the doctors will use therapy to stop more damage just, but it cannot treat the whole damage.

Treatment glaucoma by medicines: 

Uses of eye drops and some drugs can control glaucoma by decreased secretion of aqueous humour, or by providing the in inflection angle that leads to reduce intraocular pressure.

it’s really important to take this medicine as doctors advise and tell the doctor when any symptoms appear, and your doctor must know all medicine taken by glaucoma patient.

Call our doctors easily by WhatsApp or by the following form.

Treatment glaucoma by lasers:

The lasers technique can treat glaucoma according to the type of glaucoma, that means:

  • In chronic open-angle glaucoma, the lasers can wide inflection angle to control intraocular pressure in a normal range.
  • In Acute close-angle glaucoma, the lasers will make an open in iris to provide the flow of aqueous humour into the inflection angle in eyes.

Treatment glaucoma by surgery:

Surgery of glaucoma was done by micro tools to make a new inflection channel that provides a flow of aqueous humour.

The doctors give advice in surgery when it is the safest way to stop damage improvement, and don’t worries the doctor Salem Basaffar center will give you the best medical consultation, you will be in a safe hand.


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