Retina and vitreous in Dr.Salem Basaffar center

Means of the retina:

Retina is a sensory layer that line the inner surface of the eyes, thick of retina is less than a book paper, and it includes ten layers that contain several groups of nerve cells, nerve fibers, photoreceptors, and connective tissue, the retina convert light into nerve impulse that conducts into optic nerve to brain, this process was done inside photoreceptors.

Meaning of retinal detachment:

Retinal detachment is an emergency status, it about separate microlayer from the retina in posterior vitreous from its place, and the retina cells will go away blood vessels layer that conducts oxygen and nutrient and may lead to blind eyes if separation period increased.

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Symptoms of retinal detachment:

Retinal detachment is painless, but it has some symptoms include:

  • Unclearly vision.
  • Decrease the ability to see the sides gradually.
  • Little shadow in vision.
  • A light spot in one eye or both.
  • A light spot appears suddenly in the vision field.

If you observe one of these symptoms you must ask our doctor to give you the best answers.

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Reasons for Retinal detachment:

Our doctors diagnose the Retinal detachment according to the reason of its separation, which includes three types of Retinal detachment:


It’s the most popular type in which separation starts because other eye problems such as disruption of the retina that lead to compilation aqueous under the retina, then the retina go away tissue and blood doesn’t access retina, which leads to blindness.


This type of Retinal detachment can occur when scar tissue grows on the surface of the retina, and it mostly occurs for diabetic patients, for this reason, we here in Dr.Salem Basaffar center have a special treatment for diabetic patient.

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In this type of Retinal detachment, there are no tears in the retina, but fluids accumulate beneath the retina, it related to aging or may cause a result of cancer or infection in eyes.

Factors that affect on Retinal detachment:

  • Aging, especially for people older than 50.
  • Hereditary history.
  • Extreme myopia.
  • Previous Retinal detachment in one eye.
  • Severe eye injury.
  • Previous surgery in eyes.
  • A previous disease that affects eyes such as infections in the retina or in other parts.

Diagnosis of Retinal detachment:

Doctors in Dr.Salem Basaffar center can make more than one analysis and tests to diagnose Retinal detachment, include:

Retina analysis:

  • By use, a tool that includes bright light and specific eyes to analyze retina and eyes with all details, and the doctor can see any bore, tears or separation inside eyes, and detect the best way to treat.

Ultrasounds image: 

  • When there is any bleeding in the eye, it will be hard to see the retina, so the doctors in D.Salem Basfar center use ultrasounds to analyze both eyes, and then they will ask you to come again to make sure in your eye health.

Treatment of Retinal detachment in Dr.Salem Basaffar center:

The treatment in Dr.Salem Basaffar center will be done by different techniques according to the patient.

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