Care and treatment of keratoconus in Dr. Salem Basaffar center.

Meaning of keratoconus:

In the beginning, we have to know the meaning of cornea, cornea it’s a clear layer that covers eyes and permits its vision, but when this cornea being weaker than normal, it moves forward in cone ship, that due to poor vision and myopic, and In medical we called this case the keratoconus.

Reasons for keratoconus:

The reason for keratoconus is undetected until now, but it may occur as the result of excessive rubbing due to allergies or genetic factors.

Symptoms of keratoconus:

If you notice one of these symptoms you have to come into Doctor Salem Basfar center to get the best therapy by specialist and experiment doctors:

  • To tolerance the light.
  • Poor vision and the need to change glasses continuously.

The keratoconus tests in doctor Salem Basfar center: 

 We have a different medical and perfect analysis to deal with keratoconus, include:

  • Measuring corneal thickness.
  • Measuring cornea curve.
  • Image cornea and detect affected area.
  • Light refraction test to detect the best lens size to correct sight.

The status that increases the risk of keratoconus:

In general, the keratoconus doesn’t appear clearly with normal people, they come to doctors and discover keratoconus suddenly, but some disorders increase the risk of keratoconus such as retinitis pigmentosa or some genetic disorders such as Down syndrome, Turner syndrome, osteogenesis imperfecta, Marfan syndrome, and Ehlers – danlos syndrome, just one of these diseases may cause keratoconus.

Treatment of keratoconus:

First, you shouldn’t use any type of eye drops or medicines before asking our doctors in doctor Salem Basfar center, to get the best therapy for your eyes. 

Keratoconus and vision correction:

There is a different way to treat keratoconus according to level of disorder, in early stages doctor prefer to start a Cross-linking surgery which provides cornea membrane with use of strong lens that prevents any damage in cornea, but in moderate stages of keratoconus the doctor uses small rings or supportive tools for cornea, in late-stage the doctors may decide to cornea transplantation, the best therapy will be detected after accurate diagnosis by doctors in D. Salem Basfar center.

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Prevention of keratoconus:

There is no specific procedure to prevent keratoconus, but here in D. Salem Basfar center, we advise in a periodic examination for your eyes to deal with keratoconus in early stages.

 Advice to protect your eyes presented by our Doctors:

  • Prevent the use of eye irritants.
  • Clean your eyes without strongly rubbing.
  • Protect your eyes especially in swimming and other sports.
  • Take care of your eyes and use your doctor’s therapy.
  • Don’t use any medicine without asking your doctor, until someone has the same disorder bring advice for you.
  • Continuous periodic examination for all family members who were older than ten years when there is genetic history in keratoconus.
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