Test and check up in eyes is important for health balance

Eyes are so precious grace, and it’s important to take care in your eyes healthy, and world health organization recommend to periodic examination for eyes in each two years for children, and in each 5 or 10 years for adult less than 40 years, and this period will reduce for those people who reach up of 40 year.

Full checkup in Dr.Salem Basaffar center:

We here in D. Salem Basaffar present a group of perfect and inclusive tests and medical analysis to make sure in eye and version health, and you can make all this medical analysis by consultative doctors in all majors of ophthalmology, that give you the accurate diagnosis according to your age and eyes.

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The Need to specific action before my eyes examination:

There is no need for specific action before your eye examination, but some patients need someone to be with you because the mydriasis may temporarily cause unclearly vision and slight light-sensitive, and your doctor in D. Salem Basaffer center will be told you about that.

Most important medical stages when you in your eye examination in D. Salem Basaffer center:

First stage:

The doctor well asking you some question about your eyes in a previous time, and he well asking about any of other disorder in your body or a common disorder in your family, or he will ask about any medicine that you use to be, or about you wear medical glasses or eye lenses.

Second stage:

The doctor well began on refraction test to describe your vision by different lenses to looking to board away on you 20ft, to decide exciting of any problems.

Then the doctor will make specific eye drops to widen your iris that helps the doctor to test the inside eye.

Does Dr.Salem Basaffar center include an additional test for eyes?

Yes, we do, we have a lot of accurate analysis, and our specialist consultant uses it according to your eyes such as eye muscle analysis, the ability of three-dimensional vision, side vision analysis that describes your ability to see another side, etc…

What full examination of eyes include in Dr.Salem Basaffar center?

  • Measure intraocular pressure which discovers glaucoma without pain by measure intraocular fluids.
  • Retina test by special magnification lens to make sure of the health of retinal vessels and optic nerve.
  • Color blindness test by looking into colorful circles that include numbers, signs, and different ships.
  • Eyeballs test by light and observe its response.
  • Test by using the Slitlamp that uses a specific magnification machine that produces light to test eyelids, cornea, eye conjunctiva and iris.

Result of eye test and medical diagnosis in Dr.Salem Basaffar center:

If the result of these test is in the normal ranges according to doctor decisions, which means your eyes are safe and doesn’t have any problems in vision or eye health, and the normal results include:

  • No symptoms or evidence of any eye disorders.
  • Ability to differentiate colors.
  • Healthy optic nerve, retina and eye muscles.
  • Natural of your vision that well is 20/20 percentage.
  • Unaffected in glaucoma.

 Periodic examination for your eyes leads to protect it from any complication which will be without clear symptoms in early stage, and you have to visit our doctors if you notice any abnormalities in your eyes, and don’t worry from any result after eyes analysis, we here in D. Salem Basfar have a group of specialist consultations in ophthalmology to take care of your eyes.

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