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What is the optic nerve?

An optic nerve is a group of nerve fibers that transfer nerve information from eye to brain when infection occurs the nerve will damage, here in Dr.Salem Basaffar center we have a group of specialist consultants to diagnose and analyze any problem in eyes by periodic examination and best medical treatment.

Symptoms of optic nerve infection:

It normally infects one eye, including these:

  • Loss side viewing.
  • Simple pain behind ear.
  • Eye pain when it movement rabidly.
  • May cause blinding in one eye.
  • Colorblind partially or completely.
  • Light brightness that happened with some patient, it means to see some bright light when eye movement.

When you observe one or more of these symptoms in yourself or in your family, we advise coming directly to take a specialized medical examination in D. Salem Basaffar center, to treat the infection in all stages.

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Reasons for optic nerve infection:

Most reason that cause infection is when the immunity system attaches myelin that covered nerve fiber for any reason, which leads to infect and damage myelin.

Myelin transfer electrical impulses rapidly from the eye to the brain, then convert it into optic information that due to damage optic nerve, then the vision will be unclear.

Infection of the optic nerve has a relationship with some autoimmunity disease, include:

  • Multiple sclerosis: is a disorder infecting autoimmunity system to attack myelin that covered nerve fibers.
  • Transverse myelitis and optic nerve infection, that leads to reinfection more than one time.

And may the optic nerve infection happen because of other factors such as:

  • A bacterial infection such as Lyme disease, cat scratch fever, and syphilis or viral infection such as measles, parotitis, and herpes.
  • Some diseases such as sarcoidosis and lupus.
  • Some medicine such as quinine and some antibiotics.

Other factors that increase the risk of optic nerve infection:

  • Gender, women have a high risk of infection.
  • White skin color.
  • Mutations.


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