Surgery and plastic surgery for eyes in D. Salem Basfar center

Plastic surgery for eyelid:

Surgery for eyelid is several medical surgeries aimed at improvement general appearance for eyes, that due to decrease blown or sluggish in the result of some disorders or genetic factors, and there are some surgeries in tissues around eyes and not in the eye.

The need to make Plastic surgery for eyelid:

In Doctor Salem Basfar center we make some analysis before deciding to make any surgery to diagnosis the health state of the patient, to make sure of eyes don’t have any disease, in addition to that it’s important to be non-smoking, that smoking lead to slow recovery. We here in D. Salem Basfar center make all the important medical analyses to evaluate the eyes safety and health, and use the technique according to your age and status to choose the best therapy.

Types of Plastic surgery for eyelid in D. Salem Basfer center:


it’s the most plastic surgery popular, it made in lower/upper eyelid or both, the aim of this surgery is to dispose of lipid sediment that leads to the blown eyelid and get rid of bags under eyes, excess skin and wrinkles in the eyelid, and in some cases, these wrinkles cause poor visibility.

Surgery of upper/lower eyelid – surgery of eye tumor: 

it a surgery specialized in reduce edema or blown around eyes, and there is lipid bags for muscles provide eye movement more easily, and in aging, this bags may move forward and lead to relaxing the surrounding membrane then the surrounding eyes will be blown more and more because of this bags full in much fluids.

The skin around eyes is the most sensitive skin in all human body, which leads to being most area gets edema with aging, hereditary, or some medical problems such as allergy, thyroid abnormalities, sinus problems, stress, dehydration or lack of sleep.

 The treatment of these blown by using: 

 - Medical eye drops for allergy.

 - Cold compresses.

 - Sleep and enough moisturize.

 - Surgery treatment stills the best treatment and the most effective.

Plastic surgery of blepharochalasis: 

 It normally causes the old people, but in some cases, it happened for children after some injuries or eye correction surgery.

 Major causes of blepharochalasis are eye tumors, mental problems, systems disorders or weak in the muscle of eyelid.

  •  And the surgeries of blepharochalasis provide these muscles and improve vision and eyes look.

Asian eye surgery – plastic of double eyelid: 

  •  Asian people genetically lack mongoloid fold, and there is surgery can reduce the mongoloid blown that adds a tiered effect for eyes.

Dangerous of Plastic surgery for the eye without specialist medical supervision:

  • Anesthesia problems.
  • Infections.
  • Continues pain.
  • Edema.
  • Bruising.
  • Bleeding.
  • Dehydration.
  • Sun or light-sensitive.

In addition to that, the patient will have a risk of changes in vision, or some scars, or the need for corrective surgery.

 If you have any of these problems you should come directly to D. Salem Basfar center to get treated by experimental doctors.

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