Our Commitments – basaffar

Our Story

Our CEO Dr.Salem Basaffar Founded the young and dynamic organization in the year of 2008.The organization has a highly dedicated working team with many years of experience in this field and it places a great value to work in close co-operation with the global, and local medical community. Through continued development and in co-operation with current and future principals.Dr. Salem Basaffar Eye and Optical Centers will achieve a level of performance, which in turn, put forward the story of success in the future.

Our Vision

With love and dedication we lead the health care in ophthalmology by providing best services and newest technologies.

Our Values

At Dr. Salem Basfar Center, our medical team brings together the love of work, with the highest standards of perfection and integrity, with a permanent ambition for continuous and sustainable development, and effective communication between the advisory and administrative team at all levels, adhering to our social responsibility to build people.

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